ALCUADRADO DESARROLLO PERSONAL is the business venture of theatre of two apasionadas whose wish is to help people develop their professional and personal skills using acting techniques. 

ALCUADRADO DESARROLLO PERSONAL offers a range of training programs focused on skills development for top-level executives, middle management and private individuals, as well as for educational establishments and universities. We are convinced that – all things being equal – higher personal skills provide for a better probability of success in life. Our activity is focused on Spain and France, and our programs are available in Spanish, French and English.

How do we work? 
The key to our success lies in the fact that our training programs are made-to-measure. In addition, we adapt our training activities to our client’s practical realities and professional environment.
Our programs are based on activity-based training: 

    We seek the maximum involvement from our participants;
    We work in an environment in which we combine conceptual tools with hands-on 
    Our participants are continuously challenged and involved, and as a result, gain     
       confidence in their skills;
    Our simple tools and “plug and play” techniques allow our participants to see immediate 
       improvements and rapid results.

Our training programs are dedicated to: 

   Companies and private individuals: in an increasingly competitive environment, we
      believe that companies can and should continuously develop the skills of their staff 
      through training. Between companies of a similar industrial sector, the preparation of 
      their executives and staff will determine which company succeeds.
   Educational establishments and universities: modern society requires us to be trained on
      different levels: in knowledge and in skills. The complement to a solid intellectual training
      is the development of skills. Alcuadrado Desarrollo Personal provides such skills training
      from the earliest ages onwards.

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